「A place where new encounters and stories begin」

The theme behind Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki is “A place where new encounters and stories begin”.
Kawasaki City is at the cutting edge in a variety of fields, including music, art, sport, emerging industries and research and development and it also boasts a sense of tradition as a post station (a town where travelers could rest during their travels) that flourished during the Edo period.
Located right in the middle of Shinagawa and Yokohama, and close to Haneda Airport, the city is also characterized by its convenient location.
This hotel theme was borne from our hope to establish Kawasaki as a stage for new encounters and stories, harnessing all the local charm and attractions the city has to offer.

Encounter with the town of Kawasaki

Kawasaki was home to the second post station, “Kawasaki Shuku” established along the Tokaido in 1623 during the Edo period.
And today, Kawasaki is a hub for research and development of Japan’s state-of-the-art technologies.
The city is home to over 400 R&D facilities, and a large number of global corporations and universities. The number of people working in the fields of academic research and health and welfare in Kawasaki is rising steadily each year.
Lose yourself in the vibrant city that is Kawasaki.

Encounter with music

Located adjacent to the hotel is the internationally renowned music facility, the Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall and live music performances can be seen on the streets all around Kawasaki. Each year in autumn the city hosts the Kawasaki Jazz Festival.
Not to be outdone, Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki holds live jazz performances in the lobby each Friday evening and boasts a room theatre equipped with Denon sound equipment in our suite room.
It is our hope to establish the hotel as a hotel of music that resonates in the hearts of all our guests.

Encounter with ART

The artwork installed around Hotel Metropolitan Kawasaki focuses on the works of up and coming artists in line with our aim to support these young artists.
A portion of these works is changed on a regular basis and displayed in eight locations around the hotel to provide a fresh feel each time you visit. These works of art are also available for purchase at the end of the exhibition period. (Some works are excluded.)
It is our ultimate aim to create an environment that helps stimulate our sensibilities by introducing a wide variety of art.

Encounter with new taste

All day dining “Terrace and Table” presents a live, vibrant dining scene coupled with encounters with new flavors.
The restaurant is comprised of 3 areas, the dining hall, terrace and private rooms, offering a range of cuisine to suit private or corporate events and professional hospitality.

Terrace and Table

A buffet restaurant on the 2nd floor is the "Voyage Buffet", with an open kitchen in a spacious area where dishes from varying countries are prepared to be enjoyed like traveling around the world. Out on the terrace seats, al fresco cuisine is served. Full-course dining can also be enjoyed in private rooms.


“Kamonka Ten” produced by “Kamonka” cuisine from mainland China
Enjoy a range of mouthwatering dishes handed down through the Kamonka franchise with a focus on dim sum, sweets and Yumcha. Chic Chinese dining that pursues beauty and good health.

Kamonka Ten will remain closed due to the impact of COVID-19.
Further information regarding when the restaurant will open will be provided when a date has been set. We thank you for your understanding.

REVOLVER - Booze & Coffee -

Just off the lobby area, Revolver -Booze & Coffee offers coffee and lattes, along with a range of carefully selected beers and coffee based cocktails, putting a new spin on your cafe experience.

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