Check - In 3:00 pm / Check - Out 12:00 noon


Live breakfast buffet

Vitamin charge, in addition to the Western food lineup unique to city hotels
A Japanese menu with a gorgeous heart.

Terrace and Table - Breakfast Buffet

A lineup of freshly made menus from Poon Kitchen and an inevitable lineup that is particular about Japanese style.

Opening Hours 6:30 AM ~ 10:00AM
Price 2,800 JPY / 1 Person
1,300 JPY / 1 Child (6-12 years old)

Vitamin charge, unique to city hotels Western food lineup

In addition to a lineup that can be charged with vitamins such as fresh salads and detox drinks using vegetables from Kanagawa prefecture, vinegar drinks, 2 types of sausages, 2 types of bacon, 4 types of egg dishes, freshly baked mini croissants and Danish pastries 8 You can enjoy the buffet menu unique to the city hotel, such as various types of bread.

Discerning Japanese food that makes your heart gorgeous

Hot Japanese-style omelets baked in the open kitchen, cold tofu served with freshly cut fragrant dried bonito flakes, dried horse mackerel from Odawara and dried plums from Odawara.
While the standard lineup includes white rice, miso soup, and grilled fish, you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast using ingredients from Kanagawa prefecture.
In addition, as a menu that is the source of power for international business people who travel a lot, we have prepared "Pickled Maguro no Yamakake Don" with pickled tuna, barley rice, and tororo, and "Curry Nanban Soba" with Japanese curry and Tanzawa soba, even on a busy morning. We provide dishes that can be nourished in a short time.

Breakfast that supports travelers, unraveling the history of Kawasaki

"Nara Chameshi" became popular as a specialty of Man-nenya, a teahouse in Kawasaki-jyuku during the Edo period. It is said that Mr. Yaji and Mr. Kita, who appear in "Tokaido Nakagiri Kurige," stopped by and ate Nara tea rice, which made the name known nationwide. In the latter half of the Edo period, daimyo were so popular that they stopped by at noon. (Source: Kawasaki City Homepage) Kawasaki's tea dormitory "Tosho", which conveys the "Nara tea rice" to the present, ordered "Nara tea rice style Okowa" arranged in a modern style and can be enjoyed at breakfast. In addition, we will prepare the freshwater clam soup that Mr. Yaji and Mr. Kita ate with Nara tea rice in the text.

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